Pies packed with the finest flavours of Devon

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About Us

We like pies, our friends like pies, and our children like pies. However, we could not find pies to buy the way we like them. That is to say, pies with the very best local ingredients, lots of them, as well as being original and beautifully made. We know the producers, the farmers, the fishermen and the growers. All the animals are lovingly reared, farmed and bred to produce the finest flavour. We also buy our fish locally, caught in the beautiful clean waters of the Atlantic off the Devon and Cornwall coasts. Naturally, all our ingredients are preservative and additive free, and where the meat is not organic, it is free range, grass grazed and from local farms employing the highest standards of welfare.

The menu page shows the current list, although this does change as we come up with new ideas.

We make two sizes. The Standard weighs a minimum of 1.4 kilos, and the Large 2.4 kilos. They both have pastry roofs only, no walls or floors, so are packed with generous chunks of meat, and even the Standard will serve four to six very good portions.

We have our own small range of earthenware dishes, specially designed to fit the pies. This way you can order some of our frozen pies for your freezer and one dish, then simply peel off the foil tray, and place it in your pot to de-frost, thus ensuring a beautifully presented dish on your table for family and friends.

The view from the kitchen